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Friday, September 10, 2010

Sandwich Fair

My favorite things at the fair.

the baby animals
Corn Dogs, yeah baby!
can I say it again, the animals

You know fall is here when it is time to go to the fair. Every year we go to the Sandwich Fair, it is the official  beginning of fall for us. I love the ride over all most as much as the fair itself. It is a beautiful drive and normally the farmers are in the fields bringing in the first of their corn. I love those big machines and the field after field of corn. You can usually see the pumpkins in their pumpkin patches just waiting for the last few weeks of sunshine before they are ready at our favorite pumpkin places. This is my favorite time of year in Illinois, fall is what the Midwest does best.      

 "Do what you can, with what you have,where you are "- Theodore Roosevelt



  1. My favorite time is fall too...our local fairs around Minnesota are at the end of July through mid August...all before the state fair at the end of August and til Labor day. The farmers are busy here too but we have had a lot of rain lately so that makes it pretty tough to be in the fields. Since I grew up on the farm I know the long hours of fall harvest all too well. With our days being cooler now it won't be long and all the leaves will be turning and falling. I think what I love most is smelling the fresh air and not being so hot. :) Happy weekend to you and yours! XX

  2. I love the county fair, missed it this year. The picture of the piglet butts is fantastic.

  3. Why does Jay aways have food in his mouth? I could sure use a nice buttery corn on the cob.