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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Happy Birthday Mama

this is how we will always remember her, when she read the morning paper to us
Today is my Mama's birthday so please indulge me as I share some of my favorite pictures from the last few years of her life.

She loved her children, her grandchildren and her great grandchildren and oh, how they loved her. I miss her so, I miss being in that beautiful house my brother bought for her (I can never thank you enough for that dear brother) I miss being in that kitchen, cooking with her, singing hymns with her. I hope you are proud of us Mama, we are trying so hard to stay together without you as our center. We are keeping an eye on JR, and you would be so happy that the three of us girls have grown so close. The four of us that still live here try to have breakfast once a month. I know you have to be tickled that Tina is having a baby. We will keep on eye on her too. Love you Mama and miss you so, but I know the day will come when we can all have Sunday dinners again in Heaven.



  1. Oh Joyce, how sweet...I'm sure your mama knows how much you love her! I still have my mom and I'm grateful for every day we have together..do something good for yourself today...

  2. You put it so beautifully. I miss her so much. I never realized the wisdom she had, nor the courage and strength to raise the five of us. I thought of you today, Mom.