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Thursday, September 23, 2010


it goes on and on

We had a great day yesterday. In the morning we went to Nashville's farmers market, I was in heaven. I wanted to pack it all up and tow it home. You name it, they had it, pole beans, flat beans, crowder peas, new potatoes. We got some yummy peaches and plums and I told J I want to load up the day before we come home.
pumpkin anyone

doesn't it just make your mouth water

Then last night we went to one of our favorite venues, The Barn behind the Loveless Cafe. We always come back with a new favorite artist and last night it was Suzi Ragsdale. She is Ray Stevens daughter, remember him? If you do you are as old as I am. We both really enjoyed her and really all the talent. Well, we didn't care to much for the heavy metal hard rocker country chick. I love all music, even some heavy metal, but really they were just loud. I think Izzy is ticked at us 'cause we were gone most of the day.

Dixie B-liners

love this place
Suzi Ragsdale
Today it is supposed to beat all time heat records and be more humid! Lord help us, yesterday it hit 99 on the freeway!

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt

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