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Friday, September 17, 2010

More pretties

Happy Snapz
This is my new camera strap from Happy Snapz. I ordered it after we went to the fair and the strap rubbed my neck raw. And I am always losing my lens cap. I swear the other day J found it in the dryer. I had forgotten I had put it in my pocket, so it went through the washer and the dryer! But look at the cute little holder right above Happy Snapz label, a lens cap holder, who knew?!? It is perfect for me, fits really snug and I shouldn't have to look for it again. You should pay them a visit, really neat fabrics, really well made.
Yesterday I spent a good part of my day with Louise shopping. We had just got her the cutest pair of DKNY skinny jeans and we went over to the unmentionable department to do some looking around. In the course of talking to the sales person she used the word,ELDERLY, to us, me and my skinny jeans sister. I swear ya'll if my sister had not been between us I would have slugged her! I asked her why in the world she would use the word, ELDERLY, in reference to a couple of youthful early sixties chicks. She said she was being respectful. I almost hit her again. Asked her how old she was, 54, I am 61! Can you believe that? I proceeded to give her a lecture about the use of the word ELDERLY prior to age 80 and then she should think before she says it. I muttered about that one all day. ELDERLY, my word!
We are leaving in the morning for Nashville, wish me luck on the food thing. Nashville has some really good eating.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt


  1. I'm whining. You didn't give me credit for the picture - that was the first one I have ever emailed. And I did it all by myself! Cute blog though. Love ya, Sis.

  2. Did you notice what else I learned to do?

  3. But I did call you the skinny jeans sister! lol What else did you do?

  4. You and your sister are too funny. :) "Elderly"...lol...I don't blame you for getting upset and setting her straight. :) Hope you have a great trip...and yes I will keep you in my thoughts in regards to the food. Happy travels. XX

  5. LOL - eldery is just too funny. Have a great time in Nashville. You and Jay should think about the Black Hills sometime. Really beautiful, there are a few places you might not want to drive the RV through but we saw a lot of really pretty RV places. Have a safe trip.