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Saturday, October 20, 2012

I am Back

Still struggling with some of the health issues, just haven't wanted to post. But it is getting close to the time to start using this blog for the reason it was intended.  

We are starting the count down to Arizona .  Our hope if doctors agree is to leave on the first of November.

I have started the staging area of what I am taking in the living room. As usual there are piles everywhere.

I have almost finished my Christmas shopping and am starting to wrap the gifts, remember we don't come home for Christmas (sigh) so everything is put together and turned over to safe keeping with my sister for the family party (sigh, sigh).

I have been doing heavy cooking and freezing so that when we stop each night I can throw a good hot meal together in no time.

To complicate our leaving on time Jay has jury duty this week ( please, please don't let him get a case).

So stay tuned for the annual migration of the Gray's and all the fun and not so fun places we experience along the way.