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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Complaining ( just a little)

I am so tired of doctors appointments and therapy appointments.  I know they are necessary and I know they are helpful, but they are so boring.  For every minute you are actually speaking to a Doctor or actively doing physical therapy there are at least 20 minutes of waiting in a crowed waiting room filing out forms.  And what really makes me mad is the fact that I know exactly what is wrong and usually I know exactly what is needed to be done but I have to jump through all their hoops and fill out all their forms just to get the treatment that I need. 

I have known for the last six weeks that I needed an injection in my right hip, but first I had to get the appoinment with the Post Polio doctor, then he gave me a referral to the pain doctor, who required a consult before he would do the procedure.  Then I have to have a verifying appointment ( required by Medicare), and then I can have the treatment I know I need. So lets see, that's three appointment with two different doctors, over six weeks to get the treatment I knew I needed from the beginning.  In the meanwhile I continue to hurt.  

I truly do not understand it. 

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