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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Pinterest and other things.

I was looking at some prints of Georgia O'Keeffe's  from her time in New Mexico for Pinterest and I happened on this one. It is called Blue River.

It is a painting of the Chama River, which I took a shot of when we were at her home in Abiquiu.   I was so excited to know that what I thought of composing for a picture was the same thing she painted.  I love all her work, but my favorites are the ones she painted in New Mexico.

By the way, I am so hooked on Pinterest. I can spend hours, literally hours looking at others pins or searching for something I remembered I had seen that I wanted to pin. (think my sentence structure is a little funky there) (oh well).

I have been working on flowers in the yard all week.  I have been putting in hardy perennials, we just travel to much to have to worry about watering.  When I get through I will take so pictures.

For now I have to put away this laptop and get busy about my day.


  1. I've never seen this painting by O'Keefe, but it's certainly very nice and different from the flowers. I like it. That's interesting that you got the same shot before you saw the painting. Great minds think alike.

  2. Love that Joyce...so pretty! We are doing good..mom is good! We are all just hanging together helping each other the best we can....getting better though..slowly but surely. Think of you often....we are going to get together early in the season this next time...we wait too long then we run out of time!xo