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Thursday, May 24, 2012

New Restaurant

I went to lunch with an old friend the other day (not that she is old, I am, but she isn't, it's just we have been friends for a long time).  We met at a neat little restaurant in Yorkville called Cobblestone Bistro and Bakery.  What a sweet little place, I guess I shouldn't call it little, they have an extensive wine selection, a bakery and a lovely bistro with a good selection on the menu.

If you get an opportunity you should defentily give it a try.

We had a couple of their appetizers, the one on the left is hummus, an artichoke salad and bruschetta, served with flatbread. And on the right is a caprese pizza.

Because it was lunch, I had lemonade (freshly made) and my friend had tea.

  I love finding new restaurants. I don't know why but J and I don't explore new places any more when we are back here in the stick house.  

I have talked him into going to the city (Chicago, to us that's the big city) to see the Jersey Boys.  J did some research and found a place for dinner that we've never visited.  

Maybe we will try harder this summer. 

Do you know of any good places we should try in Chicago?

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