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Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I have been listening to Moody Bible Radio lately whenever I am driving in the car.  I get to hear a good part of a sermon every time I go and come from my sister's house.

The other day I heard a preacher who was born with cerebral palsy speaking, his name was David Ring.  I had to listen closely because the cerebral palsy had left him with a pronounced speech impediment. But as I listened I became so engrossed I almost had to pull the car over. I sat in the car at Louise's house not wanting to shut the radio off. 

I wanted to hear more from this man's testimony so I asked Jack if he knew him, turns out he did and Jack had actually heard him speak in person. 

Louise showed me how to download the podcasts from this program from Moody, so when I got home I did.

David speaks of himself as a poor little crippled boy, in his childhood. The resonates with me,because probably until I graduated from high school that is how I saw myself from inside my mind, the poor little crippled girl.  And if I am honest on occasion I still see myself that way. 

I really don't know if  my conversion experience had anything to do with  bringing me out of that mindset into the mindset of most post polio individuals, " I can do anything you can do, in fact I can do it better" or not.  But I found his testimony so moving and encouraging that I wanted to share it.

I cannot figure out how to share the podcast with you but I did find a service where he preached several years ago on youtube.

I want to share it with you and I hope you will get something from it.

Just click on his name below.

David Ring


  1. This is very inspiring. Thank you so much for sharing it. :)


  2. I have 2 very, very dear friends; he (Glen) was my husband's oldest friend, from age 4. Glen had polio and his left arm is "withered" as we say here -- he has strength in his left hand but not his arm. When they were children and Glen would say "I can't do it", Larry would say "Yes you can! Try it Glen". Children don't have any sense of limits until they prove it to themselves. And it was because of Larry's prodding that Glen tried everything; and because of that, there's not much that Glen can't do.

    He plays a mean guitar; he refinished his whole house (with some help); he drives a car. Glen is a remarkable example of an overcomer; and he and his wife are wonderfully loving and giving people.