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Monday, June 18, 2012

Too Darn Hot and Humid!

It isn't even 9 am and the air is on.  It is so hot and humid here it's crazy.

It is only the middle of June, what the heck is going on. Yesterday it 93 and today it will climb higher, at least 95 and yet higher still Wednesday.  The humidity is devastating. I hate humidity, hate, hate, hate.  Sorry lost control there a moment. 

Yesterday,  I stayed inside and cleaned all day.  The house was long over due, so it was time to "get 'er done". 

Then watched my #2 guy in NASCAR, Dale Jr., win the race, with my #1 guy come in second.

We have a family get together on Sunday for about 20 - 25 of us and no menu planned.  I think I am going to make Cowboy Caviar.  We had it in AZ last winter and it was really tasty. Problem is I have two recipes and I don't remember which one he had.  Maybe I will just go iny meny miny moe.

Think I might take a little nap before I do anything.  I was up looking at Pinterest at 2:30 am, having a little insomnia problem lately.

Stay Cool!!


  1. We're having the same problem with the humidity here. Each day I open up the windows and guess how long I can make it to before turning on the AC. Today it was 11:00 am and it was HOT.

    1. Believe it or not ours came on at 9:30 am this morning!! It is almost impossible to breathe when you go outside.