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Friday, June 29, 2012


For some reason I have just stopped taking pictures.  Until lately I would stick a camera in your face every time you turned around.  I don't think it is because I had to stop carrying my Cannon in my purse all the time ( first thing Dr said when he treated my shoulder), because I love using my IPhone to snap pictures.  

I see perfect opportunities to take lovely pictures but I am kinda in the "just enjoying it myself" mood.

Yesterday I spent the morning with my sister Louise.  Her youngest grandkids came over for a visit and when that happens she always calls me so I can share time with them. (she a sweet sister isn't she).

My 4 year old great niece and I had a wonderful time painting birdhouses.  My sister is going to put them along her fence in the back yard.  When she gets them put up I will take a picture of them.  My sister has the prettiest most interesting yard.  I think she got all the creativity genes in our family.  I have always thought that was a little unfair, she gets the creativity and my younger sister gets the skinny gene, what do I get?  The I LOVE TO EAT gene.

It is so very, very, very HOT here, we should be 101 today. It's not just the heat, it's the humidity. You step out the door and you can't breath. 

So I am going over to my sis's again this morning and we are going to organize her craft room. That is another gene I got organizational skills, I LOVE to organize, my stuff, your stuff, anybody's stuff.

Stay cool.


  1. At least you are still blogging, Joyce. I can't even say that much! I still like to read everyone's blog but just kind of blah on doing by own...sometimes I think I'm tired of sharing....just want to sit back and enjoy. We are home...it is hot! but no humidity yet so not bad. Me and my mom are going to Prescott for the weekend!....should be fun...xo

    1. That's the best part of AZ, if you don't like your weather, drive a couple of hours and try somebody elses! I hate the humidity here.

  2. The heat wave is hitting here today and will be here for the next few days.... I thought we left Arizona because of heat but it seems to have followed us. ugh.