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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

It's Done

Everyday last week I said those words to Jay "It's Done" and every day I decided I needed to add just one more plant or one more pretty.
But now it really is done, in a few years when the plants spread out it will be so pretty. 

Because we are gone so much I have to have perennials and they have to be drought hardy because I am not always here to water them in the summer. 

So last year I started by putting in plants all around the fence line. 

And then this year I decided to put in a perennial border around the patio.


The last little touch I wanted to add was this stacked pot design my sister had done at her house.
(you should see her yard, it is so gorgeous)

It is really simple, just put a piece of rebar in the ground and thread the pots through the hole in the bottoms.

I used a new miracle grow product that is supposed to retain more water.  It is crazy stuff, when you water it swells up and out. Don't think I like it.

So I am now really done. 

Or am I.

Remember we put a pad in for the coach in the back yard. Well J is going to put a patio in  by the door with a paved path to our big patio.

I thing that patio and path might need some flowers too, what do you think?

1 comment:

  1. Oh how pretty! I love that bottle tree, too! Don't over-do it!!!!
    Have a great day :)
    xo, misha