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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I love this Man

42 years ago today I married this guy. It just amazes me that we have been married this long. Lot's of people when they first meet J think he is a rough, grumpy old man.  But those who get to know him learn that inside he is a sweet, loving, caring dude. I hope we are lucky enough to have another 42 years (we would only both be 104, hey it could happen).

 He is so very good to me, he spoils me with gifts, he takes care of me without smothering me, he is a wonderful provider, sometimes he drives me crazy ( ok, he drives me crazy a lot) and I thank God every day for giving him to me.

The J a lot of people don't know...

I can talk him into doing the craziest things for me

The boy loves Arizona
He wuvs his Izzie

There are many times I don't want to let him in my house, but he can fix almost anything

Avid fisherman

Loves to travel

Shares his cookies with his friends 
He is a pilot

Happy Anniversary Sweetie, wuv you!!!

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