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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

My One Nightmare

I have had one repetitive nightmare as long as I can remember. I am going over a bridge over water, so high and so long you can't see the other side, just sky and water and as I reach the apex my car just goes off the side.

We have gone over many scary bridges on our travels and I just grip the door handle and pray. I know it's nuts, I know I will be fine, but my heart starts pounding and my palms are sweaty and my breathing gets rapid and J just keeps saying things like, hey look at the neat ship, wow what a view and I am swearing at him like you wouldn't believe under my breath.

Of course, he knows what is going on , I have told him about the dream many times, so he enjoys saying, oh look, here comes a Joycie bridge!


  1. Have you ever gone over the bridges on the way to Key West? California earthquakes made me afraid of the tunnels and bridges. I would always do my best to think of something else.

  2. I have done the bridge to Key West, it was really horrible, but I just did deep breathing the whole time. It seems worse to me if they go up, up up and I can't see the other side. Crazy, huh?

  3. I have a real fear of bridges but have no real idea why. I have dreamed many times that I plunged into dark, icy, smelly water...and drowned. I still have that dream. I am a Christian and do not believe in reincarnation, but if that were not so, I would swear that I died that way once. I can feel that water, I can smell it. It scares the bejeezus out of me.

    So, I get your fear.

    Hugs, friend.

  4. I would rather to a bridge than park under a bridge for a red light...I hope you find something for your pain Joyce..I just can't imagine...I was thinking today..good gosh..it is hard to get old(er)! I don't know what I would do if I couldn't jog to keep going...

  5. Joyce,
    I just happened to notice a comment you made on another blog about visiting Door County, WI. Just wanted to pop in and say that my hubby and I visited there last Fall and absolutely loved it. Then, after reading this post; I thought how bazaar is this. I have that same fear. Of driving off into water and drowning. I am not the worlds best swimmer, so I know that even if I made it out I could never make it to dry land. I tense up everytime we drive near water.