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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Do you want be a size two too?

One of my favorite blogs to read is Quiet Life , I spotted this quote on her blog yesterday and asked it I could copy it. Miss Donna was kind enough to let me.

I have struggled and struggled the last year to lose than same 10 pounds. I go down two, I go up two and so it has gone, on and on and on. I have come to the conclusion that there is a weight at which your body just feels, this is right, this is where I belong. I am 62 years old, have been married for 41 years, I should not be worried about trying to get skinny. My weight is not a real problem health wise and I still fit comfortably in a size 12. But I hate my weight. Am I nuts? How do I get this fixation out of my head?

I think we are so inundated with TV shows with starving actors and magazines with air brushed photos what we believe we should all be a size two. I am sane enough to know that is never going to happen. But that doesn't mean my mind isn't thinking, maybe a 10 or an 8. I want to slap myself in the face and say "GET OVER IT".

I have read every diet book written ( ok not everyone, but lots of them) you don't eat because of the food, it's something going on in your life that you are trying to deal with by eating.

They are wrong, it's the food. I love to cook, to cook new and different recipes. And I love to eat, not just what I make, but what all those wonderful restaurants we visit on our travels offer. And yet every night I tell myself, tomorrow I am going to do on a diet and lose ten pounds and the next morning when I get up I think, what can I cook tonight that will be good.

I swear I give up ( until tomorrow ).


  1. I've even started working out, and I swear, I think I've gained weight.

    But I'm trying to get more fit.

    And my clothes are fitting differently.

    We've been doing the great taste no pain diet, you can find it on the web. My husband had acid reflux. The weight started falling off but now I'm at a plateau.

    I will survive! I'll be your supporter via the blog.

  2. I AGREE 100% I love good food. OVEReating is something I try not to do, but if I'm still hungry? I EAT. If it's way more than what is recommended in calories (which I have no idea because I don't count them and find that to be a HUGE waste of my life) (and then I write a post about my ass getting bigger) then so be it.

    Rawr. I really, really want chocolate for breakfast.

  3. lol Joycy...I never could figure out all these "issues" of why we eat..where we eat...blah blah...I'm with you I just love good food! Becuase it seems I am always trying to lose the last ten pounds my hubby said to me "Maybe you are exactly where you should be"...could that be true I thought?? lol...ok..sounds good to me. I know for a fact I am 20 times stronger physically than most women me age and most of the younger ones too...that is more important to me than being a size two....good post...xoxoxo