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Friday, August 19, 2011


I need help, since I have gone off the Nsaids ,almost five weeks now ,I have been suffering from Insomnia the last few weeks. I know everybody has a night now and then when they just can't turn their mind off and drift away. But this is different, it isn't because of my mind, I am not worried about anything, I am not replaying the days' events, I am not eating too late and Lord knows I am not exercising or anything like that. When I first lay down I am not in pain, that only comes later after I toss and turn for 4 or 5 hours and my meds wear out.

I think it is starting to effect J and Iz too. As soon as we finish breakfast Iz goes down for a long, long nap. And J goes around saying " gosh, why am I so tired all the time" ( because I got in and out of bed about 30 times last night and you woke up every time).

I remember when I first started going through menopause ( and wasn't that a trip) I had insomnia for awhile, it went away when I started taking HRT. And then again when my Mama was so ill and reaching the end of her life, we were on twenty hour call and I could never fall asleep because I was afraid I wouldn't hear the phone ( like that would ever happen). But I can think of no reason for it to be happening now and none of my tried and true remedy's are working.

I think I have read three books this week alone. Last night, or rather this morning I finally feel asleep around 4 am. And the strangest thing is I can' take a nap in the day time either. I was getting in the habit of taking a nap for about an hour every day and now, no nap either. What the heck is going on. Today I am going to dig out my sound machine, that is something that worked when I was going through menopause. If the ocean wave sounds don't do it tonight you don't want to be around me tomorrow.


  1. I deal with insomnia a lot--pain can cause you not to sleep. I do my best to relax knowing I will fall back to sleep in time, often a couple or three hours.

    Also, here I go with the magnesium sale again, I do think Mg helps with anxiety and insomnia. That's what my M.D. originally gave it to me for. I take 2 or 3 before bedtime. I also take Trazadone - 100 mg to help with sleep. I've never read anything terrible about Trazadone and it seems to be a harmless med; although I think it better to take nothing. However, not sleeping is not good for our health at all.

  2. I get you on this subject, although my reason is pain. NOTHING helps me, so I go with it. Yes, I am a crabby you know what, but no one seems to notice. :)

  3. After 4 years of such bad insomnia when I am in a Flare (not sleeping for 3-4 days staright or longer) I finally gave in and this week let my Rheum. write me a prescription.
    I slep last night for the first time in over a week. A real, true, good nights sleep! I think J is happier than me :)
    Email if you want, Joyce Ann!
    xo, misha