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Monday, August 22, 2011

I am Thankful

I have always planned on starting a Gratitude Journal. I have read several articles in online about Oprah and her Gratitude Journal. I have even bought the journal, put my name on the front page and that's as far as I have got. It makes no sense at all, I know I have much to be grateful for. I lead a wonderful life, we travel where ever and when ever we want. We stay in lovely places, eat at great restaurants and pretty much ( within reason, we are rather cheap by nature) we buy anything we really want. I have a faithful, loving caring husband. I have loving, caring family and friends. So why is it I can't easily sit down and write five things daily that I am thankful for.

Several of the blogs I follow have been listing things they are grateful for lately, so I have been motivated to start physically listing the things I am grateful for, starting today.

1. J, he is a good man and has put up with a lot from me over the years.
2. My health, I know that surprises you with all the whining I have been doing lately, but it could be oh so much worse. Many others that had Polio when they were young like me, are in so much worse shape. Hey, I am not in a wheelchair or on a respirator, heck, I am still walking with nothing but a cane.
3. Books, what would I do with out books.I am grateful for all those wonderful authors who keep writing those wonderful books I can get lost in.
4. My Kindle, because it makes it so easy to carry loads and loads of books in the RV without taking up to much space.
5. Coffee, black coffee, you can't beat it, tastes so good and no calories!

So, my commitment is to do one post like this every week. I have always been a girl of good intentions, but have also lacked in the art of follow through. Wish me luck.

1 comment:

  1. You are the most disciplined person I know; which I had a touch of it! I'm sitting in a motel thinking of everything I need to be doing. I have got to get back into being more productive. We're here because they have the water off at home. The floors look totally awesome; plus I'm getting my utility room painted! What a deal, they're even putting wall paper border up.

    Enough about me, keep up the good work on your gratitude list!