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Sunday, September 4, 2011


I guess I can't really call this an update, because nothing has changed. She is still with us, there is still an opportunity for that miracle, that is good, very, very good. This picture was taken by her daughter in law this summer when the whole family was together. Doesn't Judy look happy, she was, she loves nothing more than having her whole family together. They are spread out across the country and she was so thrilled they were getting together. When we were in Door County, before they left for this trip, we talked for hours about all the fun things they were going to do. The last few weeks when we talked she recapped everything they had done and all the fun they had. I was so happy for her, she deserved that time.

Her family is with her now, they are all together and I pray she can feel them, know that they are there willing her to fight. Hang on Judy, fight, fight like you have never fought before.


  1. Thanks for the update Joyce...i think every day she can make it through she has a chance...sometimes the body just shuts down to protect itself...thinking of you and all.

  2. You just never know Joyce Ann. I hope she'll be okay, and I hope it is soon. Take care!