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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

It is Amazing

Oh my what a horrible roller coaster it has been. The last time I posted I told you I was on my way to tell my friend good bye.

Before I got the suitcase packed her husband called me and said just I don't think you will make it before she is gone, you should just wait and come for the service. So I unpacked the suitcase, but didn't put it away cause I knew we would be going soon.

The next day Judy's husband called and said she had stabilized, not it a good way, but she was just there on the edge of making her journey home. The doctors wanted to start removing the medicines they were giving her gradually, they thought there was the chance she might come back long enough to say good bye, he is going to call me if that happens so I can go to her and say good bye.

They started taking away the drug support slowly today, ( I can't begin to explain everything they have been doing, but they had her body paralyzed and started taking way the paralytic drug today). As of tonight there has been no change. I got a text from her daughter at 1:30 this afternoon, the whole family is there ( they have been living around the clock in the ICU waiting room) and they are just waiting, waiting to see what will happen.

The human body is an amazing thing, the knowledge the medical community has is an amazing thing, the love you can have for another person is an amazing thing, our GOD is amazing.

I feel in my heart this is drawing to a close, I thank all of you who have been so supportive and kind.


  1. Joyce Ann I am thinking of you in your struggle. Going home is what she is doing it seems.

  2. Joyce,
    This is an amazing journey this life of ours...don't you just wish we could know exactly she is feeling going home...I bet it is a beautiful thing. Let her feel your love through the miles...send her loving thoughts...I truly believe she will receive them.

  3. I am so sorry Joyce, it has to hurt tremendously to lose your bff. I am not sure I understand all of it, but I am praying for you and for her. Big sorrowful hugs, friend.