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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Time is Ticking Away

It is hard to believe, but our summer stay is almost over. Last night J was starting to make our reservations for the trip to Apache Junction, AZ. There was so much going on this summer, the time just flew by. Figuring out what was going on with my health, remodeling of the house and then Judy's illness and passing.

Normally we wouldn't leave this early, but we have to be in Red Bay for work on the coach the 21 of October. We are going to get the carpet taken out of the bedroom and having tile put in. And I think there are some bedroom lights that are going to be changed out and a different satellite dish put on.

Arizona is going to be really different this winter. My two closest neighbors will not be there, they have bought new home across town. And of course there is the fact I cannot be in the sun anymore. I think I have that under control though, I bought a couple of shirts made out of material that keeps out uva rays, I will make sure I always use plenty of sunscreen and of course we have lots of awning's on the coach and the patio umbrella. I plan on being very, very careful.

I am not really excited about leaving this year. Just doesn't seem like we had enough time at home with family. I suppose I will get excited once we get on the road. I usually do.

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