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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Two weeks and counting

Gosh the time is just flying by. I am trying to squeeze in as much time with my family as I can. Going to lunch with the sisters and our brother today. Sunday J and I are going to Connie's to help hand out Trick or Treat candy. We never have any here and she has tons. I am going to make an apple pie with the last of my apples to take over. Next week J and I are going to lunch with Louise and her husband and Louise and I are going to take a day and go to Sandwich and do some junking.

 But I am also starting the process of sorting out everything that goes in the motor home. Readying for six months is a lot more involved than getting ready for a two week trip. I have gotten duplicates for the motor home of almost everything that makes sense. But there are many things, especially in the kitchen that are just to expensive to duplicate. This is the time that J gets excited, "Weight, weight, too much weight" of course he only uses that phrase for things like Christmas decorations and rice cookers and things I want to bring. His Panini Maker and fishing gear weigh nothing at all :).  Yesterday I found the cutest rust colored throw for the motor home and I am still hoping to find a small lamp for the counter behind the table. Wouldn't it be great if I could find one with a pretty colored shade? I would also like to find something to sit on the kitchen counter that has a little of the orange/rust color. I think I need a rug in the middle of the floor, I just don't know what kind. We have a rag rug by the front door we got in door county and another in front of the kitchen sink. But with both slides out there is a lot of tile between the couches. It would have to be something that could role up easily to store while traveling.

this is where I want the lamp, where the vase is, Jay hates the clock so it has to go

I am going through my check list of things to be done, house sitter, mail forwarded, auto deliveries stopped.
I finally found those really big ziplock bags my sister told me about. They are 2 1/2 gallons which I think will work great for holding things like my meds and Izzy's stuff. I am surprised how much I have to take for her.

Luckily I have most all the Christmas gifts done (thanks to help from my sister Louise) I am so frugal this year, I am very proud of myself. I found free gift tags on line and printed them up, I bought really cute Target bags ( the kind you reuse when you shop ) to use as my bags, they are a pretty red and have a partridge in a pear tree on the front ( no wasted paper to have to throw away) so green I can't believe it! I think I have a couple of gift cards to get and I am done.

Only two weeks, yikes, I had better get off this computer and get busy!!

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt

PS I just looked up points for menu items at Chili's ( where we are going for lunch) can anyone say, "I'll just have water and a leaf of lettuce please". I so want to post my weight today, it is such a good number today. I swear if it goes up by Monday and am going to have a hissy fit!

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