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Monday, October 18, 2010


Do you have a friend that is as dear to you as a sister. That friend that you can laugh with, cry with, just sit in silence with.  I do and her name is Judy. Judy and I have known each other for almost 30 years. We have helped each other get through burying both our mothers and our fathers. We have prayed and lifted each other up in times of really difficult heath problems.  She lives in Minneapolis and I live in Illinois/Arizona. If we are really lucky we get to see each other 2 or 3 time a year.  If we aren't lucky we still usually get at least once a year.  We try to skype once a week unusually on Sundays during the NASCAR race.  We worked together a long time, till she and her husband got some crazy bee in their bonnet and moved to the land of a 1000 lakes.  When I talked to her yesterday, she told me she was coming home Thanksgiving ( I will always think of this as her home) to see her brother.  That would be really super except I will be in Arizona then, sometimes you just can't win. I am trying to talk her and her husband into coming to see us in Arizona, but she has some crazy idea that she is going to volunteer with her daughters church group to  go down to New Orleans to help on reconstruction of homes destroyed by Katrina.   I miss her and I wish we could go away for a long girls weekend where we shop and eat and laugh like we used to. We always joke that when we are old ladies we will be in the same state and have lots of time to shop and eat and laugh, hope so. Judy gave me a book about friendship last year for my birthday, this is one of the pages she marked.

We have been through so much together. The laughter, the blahs, and the tears. My life would be boring without you. What would I have done all those years? I don't want to take you for granted. Or ever forget to forgive. For I hope that our friendship will last just as long as we both get to live. And one day when I go to heaven, (I hope when I am very old) I'll say: "Thank you, Lord, for my friend, she's been worth her weight in pure gold."  Melody Carlson

 I love you Judith Ann, my sister friend.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt


  1. I love that you have a friend like this. And yes I do too! If you ever come to Minnesota to visit her I hope that you let me know and I would come meet you. That would be pretty cool. I hope you get your long girls weekend some day...sooner then later. There surely is nothing like a friend that is more like a sister. Bless you both! XX

  2. Love ya even though you made me cry....usually you make be cry because we're laughing at something we've just done. I do miss our girls weekends. It's fun with the guys but it's still not the same. You are the only one besides my mom that could get away with calling me Judith Ann. I forgive you Joyce Ann for getting rid of 9,000 Minnesota lakes :)

  3. Hi Joyce..just saw your comment...I just finished reading The Worst Hard time by Timothy Egan..about the people that stayed during the dust bowl....I will never complain again ! Also just read The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff...good !! I see you use a Kindle..boy am I tempted..might have to ask Santa for that !! P.S. can't remember...were you the one that was watching Big Love..I have season 3 ...I can send it to you for your trip home !!..

  4. Joyce,,email me...molliedog1@msn.com If you like i will send you season 3 ..it was a good one. I don't have cable ..is Sister Wives on cable...I will have to wait for DVD...lol...I don't know why that interests me so much