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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Vegas ???

Today we took it easy and didn't do much.  We had lunch at IN and OUT and then drove over to the Silverton , which is a new hotel and casino only five minutes away from us.  They have a beautiful fish tank and  in the afternoon you can watch them feed the sting rays and the sharks.  A half hour after that they put on a mermaid show.  

 When I was skyping with my sister this morning an her grandkids, my great niece Grace got very excited about the mermaids.  She kept saying she wanted to be here, so I promised her I would take pictures of the mermaids so she could see them, and I did.  A good Auntie always keeps her promise.  

After the water show we gambled a little, lost( or a better word would be donated) about $8 and then went home to rest.  

Last night I slipped on some water and fell, so today I have some huge bruises and sore spots. 

Tomorrow we are going for another really neat drive, I will try to take some good pictures.  Izzie should see snow for the first time. 

they had a lot of sting rays

mermaids are for Gracie


  1. Gosh, I'm sorry to hear you slipped on the water and hope you are okay. What beautiful fish, and I like the mermaids also Gracie! :)

  2. I'm in Springfield tonight, will definitely show the pictures to Grace on Sunday. She will love them. Was good to talk to you.

  3. Hey joyce...you are really doing Vegas the right way...enjoy! Yes, a good auntie always keeps her promises..I had to laugh..mermaids are easier than law school..take care..watch your step!