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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Las Vegas day 1

We drove around getting the layout of the city itself to just figure out where everything was first.  We haven't been here in over ten years.  In fact, last time was a company trip and I was on crutches, so there wasn't much site seeing.  
 We parked and went through one end of the strip, today we will do the other. 

 Connie and the kids are staying at the Luxor and the nightclub Kryssy picked for her birthday is the Cosmopolitan, so where are trying to help them narrow the search for a restaurant, there is a wide difference in taste between 21 and 61! 

J having some Steak Frites at Paris


looking out from the top of Bellagio

J having a little something at Bellagiio, handsome dude if I do say so myself

Tanis, this shoe has you written all over it

Glass ceiling at Bellagio, so pretty

yes, I am the typical tourist and had to have pictures

It looks like it is going to be a beautiful day today, so I need to get my butt up and get dressed.  So many things to see, places to go......


  1. Joyce, so glad you are having fun! Makes me want to come up...I haven't been for a long time either...everything has changed so much.

  2. You should come, it isn't a long trip for us from AZ. I am having fun, it is nice to be somewhere there are no memories to make me sad. Hope you are doing well, think about you, miss you. J promised when we get back we are going to do Wickenburg, Anita's, it was hard to drive by and not stop!