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Friday, February 10, 2012

Vegas, day 3

Yesterday we hung around the RV and I did laundry as we both sat outside in the beautiful sunshine and read.  And then we went to the Mirage last night to see the Beatles Love.  We got there a little early and decided to play some slots while we waited. I gave us each $20 and we played poker for about an hour. I walked away with my $20 and J had $15. Just don't understand the appeal, I was bored.

But the show, oh my goodness the show. It was outstanding. I am still smiling.  When you mix that wonderful music,(which to us represents our youth) with the unbelievably grace and beauty of the performers, words can justify. I would just tell you, if you ever get the chance don't hesitate, go see it.

Connie and the kids are in, we are anxiously waiting for the phone call that they are awake and then we get to see them. Have a great day.


  1. I agree there is no appeal to slots when all you do is break even or lose, but that's Vegas. Up in Reno they occasionally let your win and so you get sucked in to wanting to win again and that's kind of fun. What can I say!

  2. and that's the thing isn't it, chasing the one win, that's how they make their money