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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

The drive to Vegas

The drive from Apache Junction to Las Vegas was amazing.  One of the most beautiful drives we have ever taken. We drove through the Joshua Tree Forest, where the Joshua Trees were huge. I thought I was taking pictures of some of them but it actually turned out I had it in movie mode, duh! So all I have to show you is one I took through the passenger side window, which is screened. ( by the way, I consider this a major flaw in the design of this motor coach, everything I see out the side is through this silly screen, note to designers TAKE IT OUT!) 

bad screen shot of Joshua Trees

what beautiful mountains we went through

Izzie the truck stop watch dog

just felt like ending with an Izzie shot, my blog, I can do that


  1. Beautiful country! I just love Joshua Tree Park. When I lived in San Diego we used to go over and stay in a small adobe cabin every couple of months. Very interesting people in that area also.

  2. I so miss that little bundle of fur!