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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Sunday Praise

The Blessings Of A Big Family

© Jennifer L. Sylvester

The blessings of a big family
are only seen by a few
A few of the chosen ones
that God has given this blessing too

The blessings are so numerous
it's hard to even start
to number or to name them but
they all hold a place in the heart

The heart of every person in a
big family is unique
it's uniqueness makes us special
and should not be critiqued

The memories that are made
are more precious than gold
from babies to weddings
from young and to old

From grandparents to grandchildren
and everyone in between
the many special relationships that are built
and could have never been foreseen

Thank you God
for my big family I will treasure
through the good times and bad
the memories could not be measured

Thank you God
for birthdays, simple get-togethers and even the tears
for I pray that these blessings
last many, many more years

To have a big family
can be a lot of work, not just play
but life is too short

Source: The Blessings Of A Big Family, Relationship Poem about Family http://www.familyfriendpoems.com/poem/blessings-of-big-family#ixzz1lTVvUUTV 
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