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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Vegas day ????

I am not sure how long we have been here, it seems like forever.  Monday we sat all day in the waiting room at the Cummings place.  What a long boring day, but at least they fixed the alarm that kept going off for no reason. 

 It was a very expensive day too, not for the fix on the RV, we only had to pay the $100 deductible,  the expensive part was the $305.00 ticket I got for running a red light.   I was following J to close, cause I had no idea where we were and I didn't want him to leave me.   The guys in the shop said if I had been in south Vegas I would have just got a warning, but in north Vegas they are going to give you the biggest ticket they can.  Oh well, it was my bad, I just hate the thought of my perfect driving status being gone.   No safe driver award for me this year. In Illinois if you get a safe driver award every year, you can renew your driver's license on line, I love that.

We had a really busy day yesterday, did some shopping at Las Vegas Premium Outlet Mall, puts any outlet mall at home to shame.  Then last night we went to see one of my favorite shows, Phantom of the Opera, Vegas style.   Before the show we had a lovely dinner at a restaurant in the Venetian.  It was a great dinner and a great show.  Don't know what we are going to do today, I am still sitting her in my robe drinking coffee. Hope to hit some more spots for shopping, maybe New York, New York and Paris.

Different from the original, but I loved it "VEGAS" style

My date, he looks nice in orange, doesn't he?

It was a special night, I let him take my picture.

We had dinner on the balcony and listened to the gondolier's  sing as they rowed by.

I had Carne Asade, my favorite.

J had mushroom enchiladas.

We shared a wonderful chocolate dessert.

Every night I try to take pictures of the lights, but my IPHONE just doesn't do well.

Hope you have a great day.

1 comment:

  1. It's so funny how whenever we're in Vegas we always have a drink in our hand. It looks like you all are having such a good time. I'm guessing you must have found some relief for the pain of a few months ago. I hope so.