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Thursday, June 23, 2011

It is definitely settled!!

We signed the contract for the work we will do in the house this summer, new countertops and sink in the kitchen, oak floors in the dining room, living room and hall, seven new windows in the bedrooms and the kitchen. The landscape guys came out and finished the outside work today and j is meeting with the paving guy who will be putting in the new driveway tomorrow.

  So we will be staying here a few more years in the summers.  It will be nice not to worry about it anymore.

 I know it will be a hassle but today J made reservations for us in WI and MI for three weeks end of July, first  of August. I am so looking forward to it, because I have not seen my best friend Judy since last year at the same time and she and her husband will be meeting us in Door County for four days. We always celebrate our birthdays there and I am so looking forward to seeing her.  It will be a nice break and they are lovely resorts. I will post lots of pictures.

 I don't think we will have time to get the house painted (on the inside) or the bedrooms re-carpeted this summer, maybe, would be nice , but I doubt there will be time.

  We are leaving early this year, last of October because we are going to Red Bay to have the carpet taken out in the bedroom and have tile put down in its place before we make our way to Arizona.

Change, it's good right? That's what I keep telling J.

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt

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