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Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thursday Crafts or Thursday Therapy?

I have probably  mentioned my Thursday craft group out here in Arizona before, if not we meet every Thursday. Sometimes we have cheese, wine and a mental health meeting. ( we just sit and chat for a few hours) Sometimes our fearless leader has a craft planned for us.  Last year we make lots of bracelets and some beautiful Christmas trees mad out of safety pins and crystals.
This is mine, you stuff it with led lights and it is so pretty. ( I have to confess my friend Barb did most of mine, these arthritic hands don't work very well).
This year we decided we wanted to do something for somebody so we decided to make tied lap blankets for a local hospice house.
This is an example of what we made, I don't know why I didn't take pictures, something about playing with puppies!
Anyway we made six and we went to the Hospice House to drop them off and guess what there were six residents just finishing lunch. I am telling you it was amazing.  One of the ladies was celebrating her 102nd birthday on Christmas Day!! Can you imagine ?  She insisted on giving each of us a hug.  We left that place crying and feeling like we were flying.  When you are depressed or not feeling well, what everyone says is true, do something for someone else and you will feel better.
I wish I had taken lots of pictures, but I am finding more and more I am wanting to stay in the moment and experience it instead of stepping outside it to take pictures.
I think we should start calling it Thursday Therapy class!


  1. What a wonderful experience! It really does help to concentrate on someone else sometimes. Too many of us are so blessed and don't even realize it. But seriously, you need to keep moving those fingers to keep them nimble - and not by rubbing them through dog fur! Love ya sis!

  2. Hi I saw the picture of your tree. I would love to make one. Would you share your instructions/pattern. Please contact me bpittsrn@aol.com