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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Christmas in a RV

I can't really get going on my Christmas decorating until Tuesday when we are getting the coach washed, but I did get started in the back around my swing so thought I would show you what I have so far.

I love, love bottle trees, have ever since I saw them in Mississippi growing up. The summer before last I finally put one up in my back yard at home.

I love looking at it, the patio at home is my peaceful place. When Jay is out riding in the mornings Izzie and I are out here, thinking, talking, praying, working out all my problems.

I wanted the same thing here in Arizona, so last year Jay got me a swing and we planted some cactus and I had a few flowers.

When we got here this year I decided what I needed back there was a bottle tree and some more flowers.
So I went shopping and my good man went working and this is what I have now.

I decided since I had a tree back there I would give it a little decoration too.
We haven't put up any light yet but when we get finished next week I will show you some pictures.

Being away from family at Christmas is hard. We are lucky to have some good friends to share Christmas dinner with, but I would be lying if I didn't say my heart hurts that they are there all together at home and we are here.  If I could fly boy I would go home in a heart beat. But I can't so I try to do the best I can to keep focused on the reason we celebrate and make our home here cheery and warm( although warm is usually not a problem in Arizona, but you know what I mean)

Short post I know, but I will get organized and back into the swing of things I promise.  



  1. You are very much missed around here during the holidays. Words can't describe how much! But I'm happy that your body rests better where you are at and you don't have to worry about walking on the snow and ice. Just don't ever think we don't miss you!