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Saturday, December 6, 2014

Lets try this again...

Well,I certainly didn't get far with starting up the blogging again did I? 
We were having so much fun stopping at all our favorite places, then there's the driving, the setting up, the tearing down.  Probably the biggest problem is I am just out of the habit.

So I know I can't go back and recreate the last six weeks, I would be sitting here all day every day. I am just going to give you a few photo highlights and promise to do better.
This wall is in Breaux Bridge, Louisiana at a main intersection downtown (to be honest there are only a couple of intersections downtown). It is an empty building where people post Happy Birthday, Congratulations and all kinds of messages. I love going by and reading them, some are just little notes others are big posters, just think it's a kind of neat small town thing.

In most of the towns we stop in we try to find stores where they have local artists creations for sale.  Those who know me know I love to shop. But this is different it is almost like going to a museum. Every year Jay and I pick up a Christmas ornament or two to put on our little tree in the coach. When we decided we would be spending Christmas's away from home I took only special ornaments, the ones I had from my Mom and the ones that my sisters kids had made for me when they were little. This little lady I picked up in San Antonio.

This guy is not handmade but Jay really liked it. And anything that put old Mr. Bah Humbug in the Christmas spirit I am all for.

I found this one in San Antonio also, I could not resist. See the dragonfly? One of my sweet niece Kryssy's friends think of her every time she sees a dragonfly, it was a special thing for them and the colors, those are Kryssy colors, had to have this on my tree.

This picture is a bit of a story.  Many years ago I bought a pair of coral earrings in a shop in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Last year I told Jay I wanted to find a necklace to match. It is very hard to match coral so I always wore the earrings when I looked. When we were in Santa Fe last year on the way home I was on a mission to find a necklace. We went into lot's of shops, nothing, then we drove down to that little town, Madrid where they made the movie  Wild Hogs and went into an estate shop where we had bought a couple of nice old pieces.  We were in luck we found the beautiful piece in the top right hand corner. It was a perfect match and could be worn as broach or necklace. I was thrilled. We decided to just look around some of the stores in downtown Santa Fe and walked into a jewelry store that had tons of coral, so I picked up a piece and pulled back my hair to see if it matched the earrings and wait for it, one of my earring was gone. I had been wearing these earrings almost continuously since we had bought them and had never put backs on them and now one was  gone. The only thing I can think is that I had a coat on with a high collar ( I hadn't had a coat on for years) because it was really cold there.  We retraced our steps, every place we had been, I was so upset. I now had this beautiful necklace to wear and one  earring. 
When I got home I searched the internet but could not find a pair to match, so brilliant idea.
I took the earring to my jeweler and had her make it into a necklace, middle of photo. And when we got to Las Cruces this year I went back into the same shop where I originally purchased them and WALLA, they had a pair that matched just perfectly, the moral of the story is always wear stoppers!!

I am going to start adding restaurants and RV Resorts on the other two pages, it will take me a while but I will get it done. Looking at other RVer's and getting suggestions is how we find some of our best places.

Hope it is not to cold where you are, in the sixties here today, but goodness knows I will take it.

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  1. Every time I do this it wipes out my first attempt and I have to retype everything. I like your new angel ornament. I will have Luke on Monday. We switched so that we could go to the Cat Retirees Christmas party. Got my Christmas out of the attic, I'm hoping Robin and I can at least get the tree up tomorrow. Love ya.