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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Christmas in an RV completed

We finally finished with the decorations yesterday.  I must say it is still strange to be hanging Christmas lights when it is 80 and sunny outside.

Not sure why I posted this picture, oh I know I wanted you to see my tree on the table next to the lamp. It is made of crystals and safety pins, I will take a close up of it later so you can see it better, it is so pretty.

It is hard to get a good picture of the front window, Jay took this at dusk, maybe I will try one in the daylight. Don't you just love those new Command hooks? I sure do.

Jay tried to get one of the back, the blob of light on the right is my bottle tree. I will try to get a better one of it too.

This is what our neighbors and I call our Tiki Hut. We went together on this and put it between our two sheds. This is where we have our fire box and usually have New Years Eve dinner out here.

And this is my sweet little tree. I think I posted about it a couple of years ago. Every ornament on here is from my Mom, in memory of my Mom or Kryssy , ones the kids made for me when they were little and ornaments that Jay and I picked out together. We have a tradition of picking out a new one each year during our travels.

 So that is Christmas in a RV. I have to say it is always a little sad for me to do the tree each year, I am sure it is for many people. Thinking of Christmas's past of loved ones no longer here. But I know I have to shake it off and Praise God for all that I do have, my family, my friends,my Izzie.

As a friend of mine always says, "life is good".

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  1. Looks good to me and I'm glad that you decorated so much. I finally finished all mine and the guys put the tubs back in the attic this morning. Just have to put the "snow" on the tree for Grace. I'm hoping to get Cameron to put the train around the tree. I still have to put my Lego Christmas village together and then I'll be done. ha ha