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Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Last night was horrible, just horrible. I tossed and turned and walked the floor until about 4:30 am this morning. I know why it happened, I should never, ever have cleaned the grout on the kitchen floor. But I get so tired of just sitting, looking out the window, doing nothing. I just ignored my smarter self saying "you'll be sorry" and did it any way.

I am so glad the part to fix the motor coach will be in today and we will be in AZ tomorrow night. The first thing I am going to do Thursday morning is call and make a Dr.'s appointment. After a night like last night I am so ready for drugs, if that is what it takes, then that is what it takes, bring 'em on. I want my life back, some pain I can handle, I 'm a big girl, but I need to be able to function at some level, to live some semblance of a life.

Now I am going to take my morning meds and take a nap. Hope you all are having a good day.


  1. Joyce, I do hope you find some release from the pain when you go to your doctor in Arizona. There must be something to help you...thinking about you.

  2. I had been hoping the pain had gotten better for you Joyce. Hopefully, the drive to Arizona will serve as a nice distraction and you can find help from the doctor there. I wonder if the change in climate might also help you. There is nothing wrong with taking pain pills when in pain. The pain can be harder at times on your body, than the meds.

  3. Pain cause your entire body to be out of whack! Elevating blood pressure is one way pain works against us!
    Try to get a pain med that is every-day, long-acting. It is time...
    I so understand you :)
    xo, misha
    feel free to email me!

    1missmisha @ gmail.com

  4. Joyce, Hospice offered my dad an extended 12 hour time release morphine pill...he never did have to take it but would have if necessary. One think I learned is that morphine is not for the dying..it is a major pain med that lots of people use in controled circumstances. There are certain nerve receptors that morphine can enter immediately giving you relief...let us know what happens.