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Friday, November 18, 2011

I have a new Mantra

"survival + acceptance + adaptation = "a new kind of normal"

While reading and catching up on what's been going on with everyone I noticed a new update on Go West Feral Woman. What this woman has been through would make most of us crawl into the deepest darkest cave we could find and wail like a banshie. But not her, she has such strength, such grace, such humor.

The code she has determined to live her life by is so simple, so perfect, so profound, I know she will not mind if I borrow it for myself. "A new normal, that's what I have been struggling with, like a have any choice. There is no choice, things have changed and I need to do exactly what she suggests, accept, adapt and get to my new normal.

We had our first full day in our winter home yesterday. The weather, of course, was beautiful. We went to a really big happy hour at the neighbors last night and caught up with a lot of our friends. There were a lot of " what I did over the summer" conversations. Izzy is thrilled to meet all of her doggie friends.

I am trying to reorganize the coach, wish I had my sisters here, we could have it done in no time. As soon as I put something in it's new perfect spot, I realize that just won't work and start all over again. Oh well, I have all winter to get it right!


  1. Hope this gets posted. The last couple I left didn't show up. I'm glad you reconnected with some friends. Did you make your doctor's appointment? Things are bad for me right now. Medicare will only cover half of what I've been taking of Cymbalta. I am going through withdrawal and have pain everywhere. I even went to a new dentist today with TMJ pain. He said it is all in the muscles. Basically use heat, massage and time to get relief. The doctor and I are trying to jump through the hoops that Medicare is using, hopefully soon I can be back on my full dose. I had to cancel my ESL class this week due to pain. Drop me a line. Love you,

  2. I tried to find a way to get in touch in touch with Louise, above.
    I saw her comment about Cymbalta. Here is the link to the patient assistance program she may qualify for to get her Cymbalta.


    If you could pass this on, I would be grateful, Joyce! I receive my Cymbalta through them as we have no insurance at this time. The cash cost is around $300.00 per month!
    Have a wonderful day! Hopefully pain-free for both of us!
    xo, misha

  3. The link