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Friday, November 4, 2011

10 things I am grateful for.

I know it has been a while, not because I don't have tons of things to be thankful for, but because I have been in a poopy mood due to the pain. Pain dulls your joy and your imagination, but I am fighting my way back.

1. The Sun is shinning today, I love the Sun shining in the window.

2. J has done an excellent job planning this trip, giving us days of rest at lovely places.

4. My pretty new tiled bedroom floor, it makes it so, so much easier to keep the floors clean.

5. Our new I phones, I had no idea how many useful app's are available.

6. The Michael Jackson trail is almost over, I have been stuck to the TV since it started. Don't ask me why, I don't know.

7. My family is going to have Christmas together. Last year they didn't and it made me so sad, I felt that it was my fault.

8. Books, I might have listed this before, but even if I did it deserves to be listed again. Since I am destined to spend most of my time sitting on my butt (thank you post polio) I just don't know what I would do without my books.

9. That my sister Louise saved Mama's plant for me and I am looking at it on the counter standing so tall and strong. It makes me smile just to look at it.

10. I am so thankful we decided to stay in the house a few more years and all the time we have spent each year discussing the pros and cons, should we shouldn't we can be spent on other things.( like what will I remodel next summer!)

1 comment:

  1. Good to hear positive thoughts from you again. Hope the pain is getting better. I've not been the greatest lately - TMJ not getting any better. Would you believe that's also a form of arthritis? So is the problem with my mouth. Some genetics we have, huh? Loved the pictures, the scarecrows were neat. Keep pushing, I know you can overcome. Love and miss you.