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Saturday, November 26, 2011

WARNING:another whiney post

I thought I was being so smart before we left in the spring for home. I did a lot of research on a list of referrals for Dr.'s that I had gotten from various sources. Decided on the one that looked best to me and set up an appointment to meet him. We discussed all the issues I have with post polio and such and decided we would be a good match. Felt very proud of myself.

So when I went to see him last week fully expecting he would be able to help me with my pain issues. Unfortunately he informed me he does not handle chronic pain, say what, he doesn't handle chronic pain? He doesn't expect a 62 year old post polio women who has a fused ankle and knee to have pain problems?

So, he says, no worries, I have just the guy for you, he deals exclusively in chronic pain, he will be just what you need.

So I say ok, that's fine, I will call and make an appointment. So I call, they are very nice, they take all my information on the phone, we get the appointment made and the person on the phone says, now what joint are you having a problem with? I say, all of them, she says all of them? I say again all of them, now remember I have already told her the sad story of becoming allergic to the Nsaids, and taking the narcotics, and she says I'm sorry we can't help you, we only do injections on individual joints. I reminded her I told her about the drugs and she said, oh we only give them to you short term, until we inject, sorry we can't help you.

I am starting to lose it a bit by now. But she interrupts my mini rant and says I have just the person for you, let me give you their number and proceeds to rattle off a number. I say is this a group of doctors? She says, oh no this isn't a Dr., this is a physicians assistant/nurse. Now I am thinking, I am scared to death to be taking these drugs and now I am going to rely on a nurse (no offense to nurses, really, I love nurses) not going to happen, I want a Dr. who is a specialist in pain management.

I politely say thank you and hang up and then proceed to have a major meltdown. I mean major, crying, yelling, the whole nine yard.

After I calm down, I call the first Dr. back and explain that his referral did not work out. They called me back later in the day with another referral to a pain clinic with two Dr.s. So after I research them, I give them a call and make an appointment, doing my best to make sure they understand what I need. I am going next Thursday, all a can say is wish me luck.


  1. Joyce, you need a Rhuematologist that specializes in pain mangt. That is what I go to!
    And getting prescriptions filled in a state where the Doc is not licensed
    is nil! So you probably need two doc's who can work together as you travel!
    It took me 5 years to find mine :)
    Keep plugging along. It WILL work out!
    xo, misha

  2. Narcotics are getting harder to come by because of all the abuse and the docs are getting worried about getting reported. Of course, this all just makes it hard for the people who are not abusers and really need help. Funny thing is we could get whatever we wanted from Hospice...there doesn't seem to be much regulation there. Of course, we were so afraid of it all and my dad barely took morphine at the end. Thank goodness, he really didn't have much pain...the only saving grace. Maybe I am just tired but life just seems such a mess sometimes. Let us know what happens...

  3. This has got to be so frustrating Joyce. Have you tried a University group? For some reason, I trust them more than an individual doctor or a small practice. They usually have the latest research available and know which doctors to refer you to within their system. Like all doctors, they are interested in money, but it is not often their first priority. Prestige seems to be more important to them and to have prestige you have to be outstanding. I used to work with a major university medical center and also saw the doctors there.
    Also, I agree with Misha in that you need a rheumatologist. Good doctors are really hard to fine. Hang in there!

  4. Just thinking...how about Mayo in Scottsdale. That is where my niece Sarah went for her thyroid cancer...I swear they saved her life. They work as a team..

  5. I can see that this would be totally frustrating and I would shed some tears and get mad too!

  6. Sounds like you had a really fun Thanksgiving! Sure did miss you and I'm praying you find the right doctor. I run out of my meds on Monday and can't get into the doctor until Friday. So, what am I supposed to do until then? The reason I am running out is that Medicare decided they knew better than my doctors that I only need one Cymbalta a day instead of two! Doesn't it just get you? You pay, pay and then pay and you still don't get to make the right choices for your own care! Rachel was sick all weekend so Robin's family didn't get to come over at all. Really strange holiday! Did I tell you I miss you?

  7. Hi Joyce, I was just thinking about you and came back here and read Sheryl's comment about the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale. I think that is a great idea. My mom went to so many doctors, each telling her they could find nothing wrong with her. Finally, she went to Mayo and they found her cancer. Finally!

  8. Looks like you should check Mayo's out.