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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Gulf Shores

Poor Iz was up all night with tummy troubles, so of course, was I. Glad today is not a travel day, we need to get some rest. Thought I would share just a few photos of our stay in Gulf Shores.

So happy J found a beach that allows dogs, getting harder and harder to do.
I love pine trees. Love, love, love pine trees.
These are little jelly fish that had washed up on shore, first time I ever saw one.

Lots of pelicans were out.

We ran across a scarecrow contest from Halloween. They were really neat, Iz was barking at them she did not care for them at all. Here a few of my favorites.

We are just going to take it easy today. J is outside working on a problem with the jacks, electrical I think. As soon as she wakes up I am going to give Iz a bath. Long hair and diarrhea do not work together, nuff said! When we leave Beau Bridge we have three traveling days in a row, not looking forward to that.

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