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Friday, November 5, 2010

This is not a Foodie Blog

I promise this is not a blog about food, it is a blog about travel. Except we are not traveling until next week and I am tired of doing posts about getting ready, I am ready to go!  So I want to show you another Pioneer Woman recipe that we love and the cutest wine that is not to bad.
Chicken Scaloppini

It is also a very easy recipe and the neat thing is you can improvise if you don't have exactly what she calls for. ( again excuse the plate, I choose my battles carefully). I didn't have cream, someone who is trying to lose weight doesn't usually have that around, but I used no fat sour cream instead and it was fine. 

This is the second time I have bought this wine. I have to admit the first time it was the label that got me, because I am indeed the middle sister, but I don't think I am a drama queen. The label and the fact that it was not expensive.  I know when you are cooking you should not use a wine you would not drink , but come on. I like to drink expensive wine( relatively expensive ) but I don't drink it very often and never more than a glass so I am not going to spend $17 for my favorite Pinot Grigio ( Santa Margarita, I call it my birthday wine, because I only get it once a year on my birthday) to use in a recipe for chicken,not going to happen. 

I got all my files ready to go today. Izzy's note book, with all her health issues this summer I have copies of everything for the Vet in AZ. We made all our reservations last night for the trip out, we are very meticulous about this, we have directions and an arial map for each location. That also goes in a book that I keep up front with me. You don't want to arrive in the dark in a 42 Ft  motor coach pulling a motorcycle and jeep and not know where you are going. ( the stories I could tell you). And I set up our general file that we take with us. We always file for an extension on our taxes so I need all that stuff, there is always the possibility we will find a house so I need every thing for that, you never know if we are going to trade any vehicle at any time, so we need all that.   Jay's birthday is Dec. 5 so I have all his gifts bought and wrapped to take.  It really takes a lot of thought to get ready to go and I always forget something important . One year I forgot our passports, no Mexico for us, although I don't think that will happen this year.  Oh I am tired just writing this. Next week I start with lists for food and clothes and then we are off. 

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are. Theodore Roosevelt

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