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Thursday, August 5, 2010

We have contact

We are heading home and praise the Lord I have a signal. It is weak but I am thrilled to be connected to the world again. I can't wait to get home and post some of my pictures. We had a great time, it is always wonderful to have some time with Judy and Lyn. We were talking at dinner one night and realized Judy and I have been friends for over 25 years. With the exceptions of my sisters and Jay that is the longest friendship I have had. And the fact that we can maintain it living so far apart makes it even more special. I think a friendship , like a marriage takes work. It is so easy to drift apart and I am proud of us both that we have not allowed that to happen.
Jay and I have been coming to Door County for about 10 years, we have visited in the summer and in the fall and it has always been a good time. Because we are thinking we might not come back next year (we are planning on going to Minnesota, so Judy and Lyn don't have to drive so far and we can have more time together) we drove around the peninsula yesterday visiting all our favorite places. I got some good shots and will post them when we get home. I can't wait to start watching some of the tutorials on my photoshop software. I played around with it some when Judy and Lyn were with us because I could use their Verizon mifi. I don't know why Door County is not covered by the ATT air card, they need to get to work on that. It is disappointing to finally have the blog put together ready for posts about where we went, what we saw, what we ate, and not be able to post.
I will try to post some of the pictures tonight when we get home.

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