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Friday, August 6, 2010

Pity Party

Today has been one of those days where laughing just didn't cut it. It was one of those cryin' time days. I went for a procedure called Radio Frequency Ablation, on two groups of nerves
(http://www.webmd.com/pain-management/radiofrequency-ablation?page=2), sounds like it ought to be something from Dr. Who, doesn't it. My sweet Lord, it hurt like the devil, there was no sedation, I mean nothing, absolutely nothing, did you catch that, nothing. The theory is they damage the nerves that send the pain signal, it takes about 7 to 14 days for the nerve to completely die. It will then take about 7 to 9 months for the nerves to restore themselves and again send the pain signal. So if it works, in about 14 days I could be pain free for 7 months or so. The only down side is it will hurt like heck until the nerves die. Groovy! So I allowed myself a whine all you want day. I don't do that often, not much use in it, post polio is not a walk in the park, but you just push on, only way to handle it. The reason for this dissertation is to tell you I will post pictures tomorrow, come heck or high water, I promise.

1 comment:

  1. I can't imagine what you are going through. Hopefully you are starting to feel better. You probably deserve more than one pity party.