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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Joycie Day

Yesterday I had what we call around here a "Joycie Day", which means I did nothing, absolutley nothing all day. I take that back, I did take a shower, put on clean pj's, give Izzy a bath and cook supper. But, that was it , did not one other productive thing all day. I never took sick days when I worked, it was just something I never allowed myself. From my first day at First American, right up till my surgery 25 years later I think I called in one day. Of course, after the knee all bets were off. So now when I just don't feel up to par I just call in sick to myself and take a " Joycie day". Now and again J will take a "Joycie day" with me, not often though. So in honor off my sick day I am going to leave you with a picture of one of my favorite places outside Nashville. We heard on the news last night that they are starting to call some of the employees back at the Opry. I am so happy to hear that. We have gone to Nashville for the last three years in the fall and it is a wonderful place. I wonder if the places we usually stay are back up and running, maybe I will have Jay check. I would love a quick trip down this fall to see how things are going.
If you can, why don't you take a "Joycie day" today.

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