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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Storing Memories

We spend so much time away from our family in the RV, I am rushing to store up as many memories as I can this summer. My sisters and I had such a nice visit this morning. My younger sis had not gone through the things she had brought home from Mama's house almost four years ago, so my older sister and I went over to help her. And of course we had Miss Grace and Miss Izzy to help us. I could have sat and watched that little girl eat chicken nuggets and frys all day. I truly feel blessed that I get to spend so much time with my sisters. We are a very lucky family in that we have basically all lived in the same town our whole lives. We are a family of five kids all in our 50's and 60's and the first one to move away was my brother 3 years ago. While Mama was alive we almost always showed up at her house every Sunday, that is so rare.


  1. You are wise to be storing up these memories but more importantly taking the time to make them. How nice that you are having this time with them and that you recognize the importance of it all. How cool that you showed up every Sunday!