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Saturday, July 28, 2012


We are going to take a couple of weeks and go up to Michigan, hoping it will be a little cooler.

I know it sounds silly to say we are going on vacation when every day is vacation for us.  But when we are out in the motor coach life is just easier. When we are at the stick house we hardly ever go out to eat, I cook every day.  But when we are in the coach we go out almost every day for either a late lunch or early dinner.  I think that's when you really know you are old, when you only eat one meal a day ( and usually save half of it for the next day).  

When we are out in the RV  I spend a lot more time listening to music, reading and just enjoying the outside scenery.  We are staying a Bella Terra and our spot looks out on the lake. 

this was our spot last year, so pretty

I have something I have been trying to figure out for the longest time, so I plan on doing a lot of reading of  the Bible and listening to sermons about prayer.  I have been very confused about prayer the last few years.  I am a born again Christian and I have faith in what the Bible says, I take most of my beliefs by faith, but prayer I  have really been struggling with.

I want to Thank everyone who wished me well on my birthday. It was hard without Judy, but my sisters and J made it a lovely day.

Judy's birthday is August 2 and I am gong to try to make it a celebration of her life.  I am going to think of all the wonderful times we shared, all the laughing, shopping, eating, crying, every minute of our long friendship.

I don't know if I will be able to post while we are gone, reception is somewhat spotty.

Hope you are enjoying your summer

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