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Thursday, July 12, 2012

I am Grateful for

1. I am Grateful for small towns like Wilmington that still have Ben Franklin stores.

2. I am Grateful for temperatures  that are back in the normal range. 

3. Izzie, always Izzie.

4. I am Grateful for my Bible, I don't always understand it, but still parts of it are so comforting to me.

5.  I am Grateful for the shoe guy who can modify my shoes just right.

6. I am Grateful I found a new pair of sandals ( someday I will tell you how difficult it is to buy shoes when you need a size 5 and a size 8 and a million other modifications)

7.  I am Grateful for the time I get to spend with all my great nieces and nephews while I am home in the summer.

8.  I am Grateful for books, I don't know what life would be like without books.

9.  I am Grateful that my friends in Arizona taught me how to knit so I could make a ruffle scarf for all the girls in the family.

10. I am Grateful for blogger, it has allowed me to make so many new friends.

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