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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

This and That

J and one of his friends went on their annual trek to Barrett Jackson yesterday. And as usual he brought home only pictures of VW's.  He is crazy about the VW trucks and vans.  They were pooped when they got home but had a great time. 


I used the opportunity to spend some time with one of my girlfriends. She is a great shopper, has a great eye, so we did some shopping and then of course had a bite of lunch.  It is a good thing I had to get home to let Iz out or I could have done a lot more damage. 

Luckily I had put some red beans on to soak the night before, so when I got home a started them with all the fixing's I we had red beans and rice for supper.  It was really good, but goodness it was spicy!!!!  And of course I made enough for an army, guess we will be eating it for awhile.  Wonder if I can freeze it? I'll have to look that up. Have a good day ya'll.


  1. I had a VW bus for awhile back in the 80's but couldn't afford to keep it up. It was older. I would love to have one again but they have gotten so ridiculously expensive over the last few years. Ah well...

  2. Love those VW's!!!
    And yes, freeze those beans :) I learned about southern cooking, my year in Montezuma, Ga!
    Hugs to you, sweet friend! xo, misha