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Friday, January 6, 2012


This is my bulletin board today. I love that almost everyone in the family sends me new pictures of the kids in our family. J and I were not able to have kids, so my nieces and nephews mean the world to us There are eight nieces and nephews and now we have eight great nieces and nephews ( if I am counting right).

Every time I pass by the bulletin board I get pulled into one of the pictures. We have the most beautiful children in our family! I miss them all so much, especially the little ones. Two of my nieces live in PA. and they both had baby boys last year. I got to see one of them but not the other, thank God for facebook, I really mean that. I live for new photos and videos of them.

I don't know why but I am melancholy today, missing Judy terribly,thinking of her children and grandchildren, thinking of my sister who's husband passed two years ago, and then his mom passed last week. Doesn't it seem there is a lot of grief at this time of year? I guess it is because you are reflecting on the past, thinking of the future, anyone's passing makes you consider your own mortality.

Oh well, snap out of it Joyce Ann, get up and get busy!!


  1. Hi Joyce...I just got home from my mom's...she is having a tough time too right now as all of us are it seems. I'm thinking for us right now is the hardest. The initial shock has worn off...Christmas kept us (especially my mom) all busy and now reality is here. It is just sadness for us and it is ok to feel it. Hospice sent my mom a checklist of 50 things (kind of as a progress report on grief) and I would say we are 50% there...it just takes time as they say. Hang in there...

  2. Joyce, some days they simply be like this. As Sheryl said, it just takes time and then we get better. Take care.