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Saturday, January 14, 2012

This and That

One of the best things about my IPhone is the camera. I think it takes pretty good pictures, it has a lot of photoshop editing options and I always have it with me. One of the things the physical therapist pointed out to me on my first visit, was the weight of my great big purse in which I carried my camera and extra lenses. Now is I know we are going somewhere that will definitely have photo opportunities I take the big camera, otherwise I rely on my IPhone camera.

This picture of Iz I took and edited on the IPhone.

I took Iz to the groomers this week. this is her before shot. She was really long and oh so hard to keep clean out here.

This is her after shot ($50.00 after), think maybe I should have gotten it cut a little shorter? Most people around here thought I didn't get it cut at all, but they did take off 1 1/2 inches.

Part of this horrible pseudo porphyria skin disease I have is that your skin itches horribly. In order to not be able to scratch I decided I would go have fake nails put on. I hated to do that because they damage your nail bed so, but because the nail is thicker you can not scratch. When I talked to the manicurist, she suggested shellac nails, they don't damage the nail bed and they last a little longer than the ceramic type, they are also much, much cheaper. So, I gave it a go. I like my nails short and with a very natural color, don't want to call attention to my chubby, arthritic hands. I will let you know how it goes, but so far I really like them.


  1. Let me just put it this way Joyce, there is no way you could get me to photograph my hands -- they are such a mess with brown spots and wrinkles and swelling. Relatively speaking, your hands look great!
    And Iz looks simply beautiful.

    1. Believe me I thought twice about posting mine, I should have photo shopped them;)

  2. Love all your posts; hate it when you miss a couple of days. What is the procedure for the shellac nails.