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Thursday, January 5, 2012

This and That

I am sitting here listening to Adele on my IPOD and thinking I should do a post. But the problem is not a lot happening here.

We haven't been anywhere exciting to talk about because I am still doing Physical Therapy three times a week, but that should be over soon. So you get some this and that.

This plant is a cutting from a vine I bought my Mama, it was huge. I knew I couldn't take the whole plant home when she passed ( when I say HUGE I mean HUGE). When we started staying away for such a long time I left it with my sister to care for. She called, panicked that it was dead, my other sister rode to the rescue, picked it up and nursed it back to health. (both sisters shall remain nameless due to the fact I will be going home again in the spring). I wish I had the before picture my rescuing sister sent me, it was a twig I tell you, a dry brittle twig! But she got it back and I brought it with me to nurse it this year. Isn't it lovely. I think of my Mama every time I look at it.

My sister Louise gave me a cutting from her Angel Wing Begonia, I brought it with me because it is such a beautiful plant. ( almost killed it when I replanted it but looks like it is going to make it.

Last year for Christmas my niece Robin made us a beautiful wall hanging with all the first names of our family. I loved it, but in 2011 we had three!!! babies born in our family and one wedding, so I decided to redo it. I went to Wordle , it took me awhile but I finally got it. We will be having another wedding this year so I cheated and put Nicole's name in early, no more babies.(that I know of!)

And tell me what would a post be with out a few Izzie pictures? She love, love, loves the Angry Bird J got me for Christmas. It is her passion, ha.

I love the way her hair curls when it's wet, wish it would stay that way. I think I am going to take her next week and get her cut shorter. We wanted to let it grow all the way out, but I just can't keep it clean.

I am missing Judy today, can't believe it has been four months on the 9th. I dream of her at least once a week. The dream is always about her leaving, wonder if that will every change.
Judy's daughter sent me this song Blessings, just click on the link and take a listen, I think it will bless you.

1 comment:

  1. Is the physical therapy helping with your pain? I certainly hope so.
    Izzie is so dang cute!!!