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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

You can take Christmas with you!

I must have cried a bucket of tears when I put the ornaments on the tree this morning. Everyone of them had a sweet memory, an angel from my niece that I have put on the tree every year for over 30 years. The last ornament Judy sent me.

I cried when I put up Izzie's stocking, she has been such a joy for me, but I still miss old bubba.
I enjoy all the cards from friends and family who are thinking of us.

This cute little guy is from my sister Connie, Iz loves to try to get hold of it.

Jay even suggested I add another string of lights! I almost fell of my chair!!

My little tree, my sister Louise made this angel for me years and years ago, I love her more every year.

So, yes Virginia you can have Christmas in a RV.


  1. and what a cool Christmas it looks to be.
    Merry Christmas Joyce!

  2. Ditto whay Rubye says...Merry Christmas, Joyce...xoxoxo

  3. I am so glad you finally got to put your stuff up. That always helps put me in the mood. I still have to wrap and bake some more, plus clip Heidi! Love and miss you.